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Support and Intervention Policy

Our new Support and Intervention Policy will come into place on 1 April 2019. This policy formalises the mechanisms we already use to offer support to organisations and take intervention when required. It will offer more clarity to public bodies regarding what to expect from us, how and when.

In short:

  • Support action under the policy, will give guidance and support to organisations to help them improve their practice or address poor performance.
  • Intervention action is more formal and will usually require the public body to take specific action to improve performance in relation to complaints handling, handling of Scottish Welfare Fund reviews or engagement with SPSO investigations and reviews.

This does not replace the advice and feedback we already give as part of our handling of complaints, but makes it clearer how we will use our statutory powers in a more structured way to promote improvement; nor does the policy prevent public bodies asking us for help and advice. We still encourage organisations to contact us if they need help in relation to complaint handling.

The leaflet below gives more detail about what the policy means for organisations.

Updated: March 18, 2019