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RSLs making progress

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The SPSO’s Complaints Standards Authority (CSA) are pleased to report that around 40% of all registered social landlords (RSLs) have confirmed that they are already compliant with the model complaints handling procedures (CHPs) for the sector and that all RSLs are on track for implementing by the end of March 2013.

We were delighted to learn that Fairfield Housing Co-operative Ltd recently introduced its new complaints procedure in line with the model CHP.  This includes adoption of the SPSO’s 2-stage streamlined approach with stage one for frontline complaints resolution and stage two for investigation of more complex complaints.  We are sure that over time tenants will see the benefits in this new more streamlined process.

In a recent newsletter announcing the RSL’s new complaints procedure, Grant Ager, Chief Executive of Fairfield Housing Co-operative said:

‘We would hope to resolve stage one complaints at the earliest opportunity and as close to the point of service delivery as possible.  Any complaint which we will receive will continue to be used to improve the service which we provide and customer satisfaction.’

Read this article in full on the Fairfield Housing Co-operative website (page four of newsletter).

The CSA is available to support all RSL in progressing towards implementation.  We have provided the Scottish Housing Regulator with a summary of our assessment and are keeping them up to date with developments in this regard.  Overall, we are satisfied with the positive response from the sector to adopting the model CHP and hope to see others follow the action demonstrated by Fairfield Housing and other compliant RSLs.

Updated: March 8, 2017