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RSL performance indicators published

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

With the RSL model complaints handling procedure up and running in many housing associations, we have been keen to develop further guidance for RSLs on how to monitor and bench mark their complaints handling performance.

The Complaints Standards Authority (CSA) have been working with HouseMark, the Scottish Housing Best Value Network (SHBVN and) and the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) to develop a set of performance indicators for complaints handling.  We are pleased to publish these indicators today, and would like to thank our partners for their feedback and assistance during their development.  By developing joint guidance, we can ensure that all housing associations are capturing consistent and directly comparable information to enhance their benchmarking of complaints performance with their peers.

This set of indicators complements and builds on the indicators published in October by the SHR in relation to the Scottish Social Housing Charter, which include two indicators specifically relating to complaints.  It will also provide important information when RSLs report to their tenants, as complaints can provide clear evidence of listening and responding to tenants’ needs.

The performance indicators are linked to the core recording, reporting and publicising requirements within the model CHP, so all RSLs and local authority housing services that are currently recording complaints should be able to set up systems to report on most of these indicators.   Furthermore, they are aligned with existing bench marking of complaints through HouseMark and SHBVN, so that any RSL that already uses their services will be well placed to benchmark with a wider range of RSLs and local authorities in future.

This is just one part of our on-going work in developing guidance and advice to support improvements in complaints handling across the housing sector.  Developing a strong focus on performance in terms of complaints handling and transparently reporting this is an important part of our aims for improving standards in complaints handling across the public sector.  We hope that you find these indicators useful, and continue to use our Valuing Complaints forum to share good practice and information with your colleagues across the sector.

Get in touch with the CSA team if you have any questions or queries about monitoring and benchmarking. Email us :

Updated: February 20, 2017