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Queens Cross HA adopts model CHP

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Queens Cross staff welcome tenant feedback

Queens Cross staff welcome tenant feedback

Queens Cross Housing Association tenants are among the first to benefit from a new approach to resolving complaints.

The Association’s new complaints policy and procedure reflects the SPSO’s model complaints handling procedure which is set to become the standard across the public sector. It hopes to speed up its complaints process and resolve issues as quickly and effectively as possible for tenants.

Audrey Simpson, Head of Business Improvement, Queens Cross Housing Association said:

“There are three things that tenants want when they are unhappy with a service: to be heard, to be dealt with quickly and for the solution to be effective.

We want tenants to be satisfied with the outcome of their complaint and for staff to have the confidence to deal with issues as they arise.”

Paul McFadden, Head of Complaints Standards at SPSO said:

“Queens Cross Housing Association have demonstrated a clear commitment to improving the way they handle complaints and developing a culture that values complaints.

They are ahead of the game, being one of the very first phase of public sector organisations moving to a streamlined, two stage procedure in line with new SPSO requirements.”

Find out more about Queens Cross Housing Association’s approach and learn how they took steps to implement the SPSO’s procedure, click here to read an interview with Audrey Simpson.

Registered Social Landlords in Scotland must comply with SPSO Model CHP and compliance will be monitored by the new Scottish Housing Regulator and SPSO.

Updated: March 8, 2017