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Complaints Standards Authority Update July 2018

Monday, July 16, 2018

Stakeholder engagement

We are continuing our work with the NHS short-life working group to review and standardise the categorisation of NHS complaints. Recording the categories of complaints across the sector in a consistent way will help to provide a more detailed understanding of areas for improvement and learning opportunities. We will aim to use the outcome of this work to inform our own approach to recording and categorising complaints to ensure that complaints can be more meaningfully tracked and reported on from local level to the independent review stage.

Our work with the housing sector’s working group to develop good practice guidance for the housing sector has now moved to the drafting stage. The draft will be shared with the Housing Complaints Network group prior to publication.

The Independent National Whistleblowing Officer

We issued a comprehensive update at the end of June which covers the background to the function, our preparation for taking on this role, and our next steps and timescales.


Colleges - this network met on Thursday 21 June in Stirling

We reported updates from the recent SPSO newsletter including the survey on our visual identity, the release of our 2017-18 statistics, and details of our next open training course. The main focus of the meeting was to plan for the annual college complaints event in October 2018; we discussed topics to be covered, breakout sessions and input from SPSO. The group will meet again in September to finalise plans for the event.

Local Government – this network met on Friday 22 June in Glasgow

The network welcomed the Information Commissioner’s Office who delivered a presentation on the new general data protection regulation. A representative from the Scottish Government also attended to deliver a presentation on the Duty of Candour legislation particularly in respect of local authority service provision. The network also heard from the benchmarking sub-group who updated on the annual complaints performance for 2017-18 for the sector. The network worked in smaller groups to compare, contrast and benchmark the data collated by the benchmarking sub-group.

The SPSO provided the group with some sector-specific data from our 2017-18 statistics and shared details of our next open complaints investigation training course. We also led a breakout session to gather feedback and comments from the group on the criteria which would trigger the provision of support from the SPSO and the circumstances where direct intervention may be required.

Universities – this group will meet in August in Dundee

Housing – the date of the next housing network has not been set

For further information on this update, or to request advice, guidance or support in respect of complaints handling, The Complaints Standards Authority can be contacted via email.

Updated: July 16, 2018