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Complaints Standards Authority Update February 2018

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Stakeholder engagement

Over the last month we have hosted meetings with the local government benchmarking sub-group and the housing complaints network good practice working group to progress respective projects. We also welcomed visitors to our office from two NHS boards to provide further details of the journey of a complaint through the SPSO process from receipt to decision.

The first two Duty of Candour and Feedback and Complaints events coordinated by NHS Education for Scotland will be held this week in Edinburgh and Aberdeen. We will be holding a workshop at these events with an audience of both health and social care staff. Two further events will be held in March: one at Crieff Hydro and the other in Glasgow. In early March we will also be presenting at the Patient Advice and Support Service/NHS Complaints Personnel Association Scotland events in Dundee and Glasgow and we will attend the NHS Complaints Personnel Association Scotland network meeting in Edinburgh.

The Independent National Whistleblowing Officer

We are working in partnership with the Scottish Government, the NHS Scotland and other key stakeholders to develop Whistleblowing Standards and prepare for the new Independent National Whistleblowing Officer (INWO) function which will be delivered by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman.  To inform this work we attended several workshops hosted by the Scottish Government, aimed at learning lessons from the experiences of Whistleblowers and those within the NHS with experience of handling such disclosures.  The Whistleblowing Standards Working Group is making good progress with developing draft Principles and Procedure.  We will continue to update as this work progresses.


Social Work – this group will meet again in February 2018 in Glasgow.

Colleges – this group will meet again on 7 March 2018 in Stirling.

Universities – this group will meet in April 2018.

Local Government – this group will meet on 23 February 2018 in Edinburgh.

Local Governmnent benchmarking sub-group  - The group met recently and discussed findings of the survey completed by the wider network group around collection of quarterly data, and standardisation of surveys about customer satisfaction with the complaints service. They will feed back to the network group at the meeting at the end of the month.

Housing – the date of the next housing network is still to be finalised.

Updated: February 20, 2018