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Complaints Standards Authority Update December 2015

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

CSA Update December 2015 (PDF, 131kb)

Complaints Standards Authority (CSA)


Our work to develop a revised NHS model complaints handling procedure (CHP) continues to make progress. We have worked closely with the Scottish Government and NHS stakeholders to form a project steering group which provides overall programme governance for the project. Three distinct sub groups are leading on the development of: the revised model CHP and associated information; an agreed and consistent approach to recording and reporting of performance; and a training and awareness programme. The next meeting of the steering group will be held in January where each sub group will report on the progress made to date.

The current plan is for the NHS model CHP to be published during 2016 with implementation by NHS Boards from April 2017.

Social work complaints

The Scottish Government’s consultation on social work complaints closed on 14 December. The draft order proposes to revise procedures for complaints about social work in line with the SPSO model CHP and seeks views on amending the SPSO’s role to allow it to investigate complaints about professional judgement elements of social work decisions. Subject to the outcome of the consultation, including the Scottish Government’s response, we will aim to work with relevant stakeholders to develop the model CHP together with preparing for any new functions transferred to this office.

Local Government

The local authority complaints handlers network last met in October 2015 in Glasgow and considered local authority performance against the SPSO performance indicators for 2014/15 and reporting and learning from complaints. Local authority performance was analysed and presented by the Improvement Service and demonstrated a continuation of positive performance from the previous year. The next meeting of the network will be in January.

Further education

The further education complaints advisory group met in December. Topics discussed included the work of the short life working group to develop standardised complaints categories for the sector, and planning for the next further education complaints handlers benchmarking workshop, which is likely to be held in April.


The next meeting of the housing complaints handlers network is scheduled for January. The network will consider complaints handling performance over the first half of the year, together with learning from complaints and good practice in complaints handling. There will also be the opportunity for complaints handlers to share knowledge and expertise through the complaints surgery.

Further information on the role of the network, including details of how you may join, can be obtained from

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