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Quality Assurance tool

It can be very helpful to have a Quality Assurance (QA) process to explain what standard your organisation expects and to enable you to check for consistency.

Quality Assurance is a process rather than a single activity. Robust QA will include a number of activities and management processes, all of which will contribute to ensuring that the service being assessed meets the required standard. It should also be used to drive improvements. This tool has been designed as a ‘starter for 10’ to help organisations design and implement their own QA process and drive up quality in complaint handling and management.

Built into this tool are the standards of good practice which underpin the sectoral model Complaints Handling Procedures (CHPs). Each organisation will have its own additional standards, originating from their Customer Service Standards, national guidance and laws relevant to their area and internal policies and guidance. These will need to be added into the tool (or existing categories amended to reflect your standard).


Updated: April 9, 2019