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Self-assessment tool: the Complaints Improvement Framework

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The Complaints Improvement Framework is organised around 6 areas of good practice.  We are developing resources that can assist organisations under each of these headings. As we develop resources we will add them into this section.  If you have any resources that you wish to share with us, please get in contact with our Learning and Improvement team.

1. Organisational Culture

If there have been errors, make a clear and easily identifable apology: SPSO apology guidance

2. Process and Procedure

Decision-making tool for complaint investigators

Planning and information-gathering: Investigation plan template

Ensure you include all relevant information and help to make sure explanations are consistent: Template decision letter

3. Accessibility

4. Quality

A Quality Assurance process can ensure you can explain what standard your organisation expects and check for consistency: Quality Assurance tool

5. Learning from Complaints

Decide what learning / improvement action is needed: Assess the need for change and Determine the fix required

Maximise the improvements from a complaint by sharing the learning across your organisation: Learning note template

Create an action plan including a process for management review of completion: Improvement plan template

6. Complaints Handling Performance

Updated: May 2, 2017