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Organisations adopt various approaches  to provide customers with remedies for service failings. These processes allow for getting things put right, remedying grievances and, where compensation is appropriate, the means through which this can be delivered. Organisations that react quickly to early warnings of service failure at the Frontline Stage of the Complaints Handling Procedure, can minimise the time and cost of resolving these difficulties, ideally with many straightforward complaints being put right without delay by a simple apology.

After an investigation, the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman may make recommendations to the organisation complained about.  These may be designed to provide redress to the person who has complained by, for example, providing an explanation, an apology or re-imbursement of costs incurred as a result of the organisation’s fault.  It could also take the form of improved policies or working practices within the organisation, for example, a change in how things are done or in the process to be followed.

Updated: February 12, 2019