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SPSO Principles and Guidance

Our Statement of Principles and Guidance on a Model Complaints Handling Procedure provide the framework for the development of model CHPs.   Together the documents lay out the high level components of an effective complaints handling procedure with a focus on simplifying and streamlining procedures.

The Statement of Complaints Handling Principles was approved by the Scottish Parliament Local Government and Communities Committee on 12 January 2011 and published by the SPSO on 19 January 2011.  In February 2011 we also published our Guidance on a Model Complaints Handling Procedure, revised on the basis of consultation responses.

These documents were developed following full public consultation.  We received comments from 92 organisations or individuals and were encouraged by the breadth, depth and detail of the contributions which covered all parts of the proposed guidance.

You can view all of the consultation responses here and our analysis of the responses can be found in our submission to Parliament together with a summary of how we took account of that feedback.

Updated: March 8, 2017