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Guidance for Elected Members (councils)

The Improvement Service (IS, the national improvement agency for local government in Scotland) and the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) have revised and updated a complaints briefing note for elected members. The briefing note emphasises how complaints should be used to identify concerns with service design and delivery, and support improvements. It includes a 10-point checklist of essential questions.

To download the elected member briefing note, visit the Elected Member Guidance and Briefings page of the IS website (link is external).

Guidance for Board Members

SPSO has produced 'Why do complaints matter to board members?', a briefing note that will help board members fulfil their responsibility to ensure that complaints are considered as part of their organisation’s governance and assurance arrangements.

The briefing note highlights the need for board members to be aware of the issues and concerns people are raising and how well their organisation handles complaints. Effective scrutiny of these issues will help to ensure that service users receive a high-quality service and that taxpayers receive value for money. The briefing note includes a checklist of questions for board members to seek assurance on.


Updated: February 12, 2019