Good Complaints Handling


Who Should Attend?

This course is for staff who have direct contact with members of the public and who receive complaints as part of their day-to-day work.  Frontline staff can play a vital role in the early resolution of complaints.  This course aims to help them to make the most of the potential in their roles.


What it does

The aims of this course are to help participants to:

  • identify complaints early and get them on the right track
  • develop their understanding of what generates customer satisfaction
  • identify what makes the experience of complaining a good or bad one
  • build their confidence in dealing with complaints
  • recognise their role within the authority in handling and resolving complaints


How it is done?

The course is interactive, using a variety of activities and materials including:

  • participants’ experience of making complaints and our experience of what can go wrong
  • research findings on what contributes to customer satisfaction
  • practical exercises including a case study to identify and resolve service failures
  • a troubleshooting exercise to consider the problems staff encounter and possible solutions


Get In Touch
If you or anyone else in your organisation are interested in arranging a course or finding out more, please contact Kerry Flinn, SPSO Training Coordinator, on 0131 240 2967 or email: