Complaint Investigation Skills


Who Should Attend?

This course is for managers, team leaders, complaints officers and any other staff involved in the investigation of complaints. The course aims to develop their awareness of what makes the experience of complaining a good one or a bad one and explores the investigation process from initial receipt to conclusion.


What it does

The aims of this course are to help participants develop their skills in complaints investigation, specifically in:

  • defining and analysing complaints accurately
  • planning investigations and making best use of information
  • evaluating information and evidence and making sound decisions
  • communicating findings effectively
  • identifying ways of resolving complaints quickly and appropriately
  • overcoming common problems


How it is done?

The style is interactive, using a variety of activities and materials. The first part of the day deals with good customer relations, using participants’ own experiences. Most of the day is centred around a case study based on a real complaint to the SPSO.

Participants will be asked to use their own expertise as well as drawing on that of the trainer. At each point in the process the presenter offers guidance and insights on applying the Ombudsman’s principles of good practice in investigating complaints.


Get In Touch

If you or anyone else in your organisation are interested in arranging a course or finding out more, please contact Kerry Flinn, SPSO Training Coordinator, on 0131 240 2967 or email: