How our courses work

The SPSO’s Training Unit offers two training courses for public sector complaint handlers:


The courses are run by experienced SPSO staff with practical knowledge gained from working on complaints from the public.

We work in small group sessions, using real examples to illustrate some of the problems and pitfalls and draw on the every day experience of the participants.

Both courses are practical and flexible in their approach. Much of the course content can be adapted as needed if your organisation has a specific outcome you would like to achieve.

Aims of the Course:

  • support the improvement of public services
  • improve customer satisfaction levels with the complaints process
  • decrease the numbers of escalated complaints

 How is this achieved?

  • promoting good practice in complaints handling
  • encouraging organisation-wide learning from complaints and using complaints to drive improvements
  • encouraging early, local resolution of complaints; and
  • supporting frontline staff and those responsible for managing complaints by developing their awareness of complaints and their investigation skills.

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Get In Touch

If you or anyone else in your organisation are interested in arranging a course or finding out more, please contact Kerry Flinn, our Training Coordinator, on 0131 240 2967 or email: